Your Optus Account is overdue and your services may be restricted or suspended.
To continue enjoying your service, please pay the overdue amount in full. You can pay in the My Optus app using the link below or make a payment online.
PAY NOW via My Optus app
Need more time to pay? You may be eligible for a payment extension.
Got a question? We are here to help you.
MESSAGE US via My Optus app
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My service has been restricted. What does this mean?
If your service has been restricted or suspended, you’ll be unable to make calls, send or receive text messages or access the internet. You may be able to access some websites such as, My Optus App and My Account. To restore your service, you’ll need to pay the overdue amount in full.
My account is not overdue, why is my service restricted or suspended?
Check in My Optus App to ensure you do not have an outstanding balance. If you have recently made a payment for an overdue amount and it has not updated the balance, you can report the payment to us in My Optus App.

However, if your account is not overdue and you are restricted or suspended, please contact us.
How can I pay if I don’t have the My Optus app?
You can make a payment online. Alternatively, you can connect to Wi-Fi and download the My Optus app by using the links below.
How long before my service is restored?
If you pay the outstanding balance by Credit Card, your service will generally be restored within 10-15 minutes but on occasions it can take up to 4 hours. Alternatively, if you have qualified for a payment extension, your service will also be restored within 4 hours.
Am I eligible for a Payment Extension?
To apply for a payment extension, you'll first need to check your eligibility:
  • You have no existing payment arrangement.
  • You haven’t broken a recent payment arrangement.
  • You haven’t exceeded the maximum number of payment extensions allowed to be made.
If you’re not eligible for a payment extension, please pay the overdue amount in full to get your services restored. Or contact us to explore other options.
Do I need to let you know I’ve made a payment?
When you pay your bill using the My Optus app, My Account or via credit card, you don’t need to contact us to let us know. If you paid your bill in any other way, please report a payment via the My Optus App or alternatively, text the word MENU to 9999 > Follow the prompts (available for restricted services only)
What happens if I don’t pay my bill?
You will be unable to make calls, send text messages or access the internet from your Optus services. You’ll likely incur late payment fees on top. Your contract payments including handset fees will continue to be charged while your services remain restricted or suspended.